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In 1962, a 38 year old Secret Service man named Thomas Lemuel Johns transferred from the Atlanta office to the Vice Presidential protective detail in Washington D.C. He and a small detail protected Lyndon Johnson and were with him a year later in Dallas, when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. From that moment on, Johnson became the most powerful man in the world and the security of the president became a more complex and difficult task. "Lem" Johns was instrumental during the Johnson presidency in bringing about changes that have led to the modern day protections afforded the president and others in the United States government..


A Birmingham, Alabama native, Mr. Johns served for many years not only in the Secret Service but early on as a "Revenue Man" chasing moonshiners in and around Birmingham.


"Lem: Secret Serviceman" tells the story of Lem Johns in a personal way with historical photos, films, and personal movies.  Now available on DVD at Amazon.com.


The film covers many of the events of the tumultuous 1960's, including behind the scenes stories and home movies at the LBJ ranch, how the Secret Service secured the president's daughters dates and what it was like to work on security at the White House Detail.


"Lem: Secret service Man" is a unique anecdotal look at how one man, in the background, worked tirelessly to achieve goals that led to changes in the way our presidents and the candidates for that post are protected. Widescreen. 94 minutes.



EdgeVideo Completes Production on "1963: The Year That Changed Everything"


Working in conjunction with our client:  WBHK-FM Birmingham and Cox Media, this 57 minute film chronicles the Civil Rights Events of 1963 that occurred in Alabama.  Told through interviews with the participants in the marches and events of the time, this documentary will provide a historical look on that pivotal year.  The film will be distributed on DVD free of charge to the public during this year.  It is also sponsored by Alabama Power and Miles College.  Watch a trailer of the film here:




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